From swing to house-pop: Jamie Berry changes direction

For a few years now, Jamie Berry has been making a name for himself as a pioneer of the electro-swing genre, a niche in the market which he seems to have conquered, his top hit ‘Delight’ racking up over 3 million plays on Spotify alone.
But now, the Leeds based artist is venturing into new realms of the musical world, trying his hand at a spot of house-pop, with the help of talented vocalist Georgia Thursting. The collaboration between the two has spawned Jamie’s new track ‘Bolder’ which moves away from his upbeat vintage sound in search of new audiences and fans.
‘Bolder’ is led by Thursting’s seductive vocals, but backed up equally by a reggae inspired beat which is accompanied by a delightful trumpet-line that nods back to Jamie’s origins in the swing scene.
It’s a cleverly crafted track with a hugely contemporary sound that would be just as at home in the club as it would be played down your headphones on the bus.
Overall, it’s certainly a diversion in style from Jamie’s previous work, but he has made sure not to alienate his fans with a few hints of what he’s really all about. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear this on a night out very soon – keep your ears open!
‘Bolder’ is set for release on 9th June 2017, so in the meantime, acquaint yourself with some of Jamie’s former music, if you haven’t already:

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