Punk Rock At Its Finest, Wartoad Are Back With New Single ‘I Alone Can Fix It’




Being a band can be hard, disagreements, fights, creative struggle, but the last think you would think would be a problem is being shunned away from charity, even when your trying to help them out!

That’s right, Wartoad released a cover of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ over the festive period and planned to give all of the proceeds to charity, however the charity didn’t want to have anything to do with them. But not to worry, Wartoad’s brand new release ‘I alone can fix it’ incorporates the punk attitude perfectly, while poking fun at a higher force, the band have definitely branched out with this new track, a mainly instrumental track, with Scattered vocals and chants, all while being accompanied by the most ridiculous statements to ooze out of Donald Trumps mouth.

With the strong opinion against the current US president, Wartoad only seem to be getting started, with a brand new full-length album steadily making its way (scheduled for a mid 2018 release) Wartoad are a definite must have in any music lovers collection.

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