REVIEW: Liv’n’G- ‘Senorita’

Definitely the funkiest thing ever to come out of Hartlepool (although we must admit that this is not saying much), Liv’n’G’s new track ‘Senorita’ from their upcoming EP ‘SHADES’ is the perfect track to prolong the summer.

The track takes its lead from the musical traditions of lands further afield than Britain’s North East coast, combining Latin beats and tropical-house inspired synth with dancehall style rap and funky injections of brass.

One can’t help but picture palm-tree lined beaches and crystal-clear waters when listening to this song and it feels like the ideal soundtrack to a balmy evening somewhere in the Caribbean. That such an exotic-sound has been self-produced by two young women who describe themselves as ‘Hartlepool born and bred’, is testament to the duo’s talent as musicians.

The vocals display an impressive range and somehow manage to sound surprisingly soulful despite being encased by the polished dance-pop production. Olivia’s voice brings to mind artists such as Zara Larson and Jess Glynne, with perhaps even a hint of the more emotionally rich sound associated with acts like Lauryn Hill and Ella Fitzgerald.

‘Senorita’ is as catchy as it is danceable, and will no doubt be in heavy rotation in clubs come winter. This is Malibu-soaked pop at its best.

Check out Liv’n’G on the links below: