REVIEW: Charlie Melrose- ‘The Original Ghost’

This new track from Brighton-based Charlie Melrose is a triumphant celebration of liberation from a toxic family member, but don’t let the heavy subject matter fool you: ‘The Original Ghost’ is artpop at its most catchy.

Melrose’s voice has more than a touch of Winehouse gravel-shaken soulfulness about them, and it comes as no surprise that she was chosen to perform at an Amy Winehouse tribute at the Brighton premiere of the documentary film ‘Amy’. Unlike Winehouse, however, is the disco-inspired production, which owes far more to fellow artpop artists such as Lady Gaga and Christine and The Queens.

The song tells the story of Melrose being ghosted by none other than her own father, the ‘original ghost’, who drifted in and out of her life as a childhood, and ghosted her (in her own words) ‘without a trace over and over again’. Women everywhere will relate to her observation that ‘men will come, come, come and they’ll go-, go-, ghost’.

The overall vibe is empowering rather than sad, as Charlie Melrose takes back control of the situation, ghosting him right back. The single is an exercise in catharsis, and she stands proud and defiant in the knowledge that her father’s absence is his loss, not hers. The line ‘now its me, haunting you, with the ghost of me that you never knew’ is the peak of her new-found control, and its repetition throughout the track elevates it to the status of an affirmation, and one that more of us could seek to apply to our own relationship woes.

‘The Original Ghost’ is out November 9th, and will receive its video screening premiere at Brighton Electric Studios on 10th November

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