REVIEW: Adrian Cohen- ‘Here He Comes’

There is always some debate about what time does it become appropriate to start talking about Christmas songs/films etc. Some say 1st December, others after Halloween, or Thanksgiving. But we here at Hear Me Raw are having our Christmas party tonight, so we have officially decreed that 29th November is the date from which you can talk about all things festive.

So kicking off the season is our very first Christmas review of 2018: the inimitable Adrian Cohen and his single ‘Here He Comes’.  A much-welcomed alternative to Mariah Carey, Slade and the new simply awful Katy Perry track, Adrian’s single has the all-American goofiness of They Might Be Giants alongside the obligatory dose of bells, and is as quirky as it is Christmassy.

The song’s uniqueness is exemplified in the subject matter: this isn’t your traditional fluffy story of families gathering, or holiday love, no, ‘Here He Comes’ is essentially a tale of Santa kidnap. Of course, the track’s version of events are spun in a slightly more innocent way than this, but the elements of coercion are still very much there: Santa comes and the narrator pleads with him to stay for a while, take of his boots and to please look at the children’s smiles. Is it really kidnap if it is undertaken for such festive ends?

Cohen displays his extensive internalisation of the western musical canon with his technical-adeptness on keyboard, and reminds us of a young Brain Wilson. Josh Witt is on vocals, and is the real gem of the track, with classic power-pop range and an endearing quality to his voice that is hard to describe in any certain words.

This is a track that we’ll be listening throughout December at Hear Me Raw HQ, and we thoroughly recommend that you too grab the mince pies, put the mulled wine on the hob and stick on ‘Here He Comes’!