REVIEW: Lailien- Heaven

When a music artist describes the genre of their music as ‘Eschatological’, you might be forgiven for feeling slightly apprehensive about the possibility of being brainwashed into joining an apocalyptic, millinerian end-times cult, perhaps through some gnarly soundwave technology that converts you through your speakers. Thankfully for us at Hear Me Raw, Lailien is not a straggling member of Heaven’s Gate, although his music could be described as an aural equivalent to their late 90’s cyber sci-fi aesthetic, preserved on their website for posterity).

No, for Lailien, ‘Eschatological Tunes’ are decidedly less sinister, but a hell of a lot more mind-bending. He describes the music as ‘not for some looming cessation of time, but to reveal time’s openings in an already omnipresent and accessible end in itself. For such ends, which are also always beginnings, are where one’s immediate nexus of space and time is given pre-eminence as a peculiar and particular mode of attention engaged with the immediacy of incarnate experience’s full fledged wonder via highly charged sonic and linguistic apparatuses.’ Simple right?

‘Heaven’ sounds like how we imagine floating might feel: there is a feel of light to-ing and fro-ing in the composition, akin to sitting in a sort of celestial rocking chair gently gliding through the cosmos. Lyrically, the song is full of both whimsy and metaphysical musings, creating a sense that our vocalist inhabits both unblemished and untouched innocence as well as ancient, esoteric wisdom.

For an artist that is, in many ways, so unique, there seems to be an infinite pool of music acts that can be said to have some kind of parallel with Lailien, perhaps a result of the holistic and encompassing transcendentalism of the music. Comparisons with acts such as Bjork, MGMT and Arcade Fire immediately spring to mind, as they too seem to blur the lines between art, music and philosophy with dream-like results. Either way, there is something fresh about ‘Heaven’ and the way in which it gives you the space to digest the relationship between time, space and the universe.

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