REVIEW: Andy Anderson- Live for a Dream

We are pipping Andy Anderson for huge things in 2019. After a successful run as a member of rock band The Hollows, this self-taught producer decided to leave the rock scene for his true passion: electronic dance music. And boy, are we glad he did.

‘Live for a Dream’ is a stunning combination of drum & bass and dubstep. There is an element of Chase & Status’s brand of poignant brand of drum & bass, although whilst the duo can be formulaic, Andy Anderson is all innovation in the studio.

He has a maverick approach to sound, living by the mantra that anything can be an instrument: from coffee tins to beer cans. His experimental attitude manifests most clearly in his 3D mixes, offering a 360 degree listening experience without the need for specialist audio equipment.

Live for a Dream is not just a dance banger, however. Underneath the thumping bass and euphoric melodies, there is a heartfelt emotional core. The story behind the lyrics is one to warm your cockles: Whilst clearing out items from a house move, Andy stumbled upon a poem written by his uncle, a lyricist and musician in his own right. With his uncle’s blessing, Andy worked the lyrics into the melodies he had already written to produce ‘Live for a Dream’.

The message of the track is uplifting and moving, a comment on the totality of the human experience and life with all its complexities and uniqueness. There is also a motivational thread running throughout the track— forcing the listener to examine their own thoughts and actions and to try and ‘live for a dream’ themselves.

Check him out below: