10 female artists globally changing the music scene in 2019

Women globally are defying age and culture in their success on the music scene, with nationalities blending to create a fusion of sounds and styles. These artists are winning the hearts of audiences across the globe by combining Western music styles with elements true to their unique backgrounds. With some starting 2019 with bold new hits and others with releases yet to come later in the year, these are the 10 women to look out for in 2019.


Up and coming Norwegian pop-star Sigrid brings us her debut album in March 2019 Sucker Punch. Featuring songs like Don’t Kill My Vibe, High Five and the UK Top 10 hit Strangers, Sigrid produces song after song with hard-hitting lyrics and infectious daring melodies. Following the latest single release Sucker Punch, her album release in March is definitely one to look out for.


New to the music scene, 13 year-old Hitha fuses her Indian heritage with her American nationality by combining traditional Indian singing and pure Indian flute instrumentals with Western pop music traditions. This young artist is out to ‘give young teens a voice’ and if her most recent single release Special is anything to go by, we are in for a treat with what is yet to come.


Being born in Belgium, yet with Iranian heritage and currently living in the United Arab Emirates, Layla’s mix of cultures has come to formulate flavours from across the world that have influenced her style and sound. With her aim to challenge Western views of Middle Eastern women, Layla has packed her recent album Saved with a blend of pop, jazz, Middle Eastern and RnB rhythmns, giving us powerful songs such as Goddess, Closer and All the Beauty. 


Even though Swedish pop-star Zara Larsson is still quite young at the age of 20, Zara shows that age is just a number as she takes the charts by storm with 6 of her singles reaching the Top 10 and collaborating with the likes of Clean Bandit, Tinie Tempah and David Guetta. Zara’s music has been recognised for its upbeat rhythmns and contagious melodies and with hints that her second album will be released this year, including recent hit Ruin My Life and the inclusion of a ‘feminist anthem’, we’re sure to hear a lot more from her in 2019!


From small town Owings, Maryland, African-American alt-rock artist Rasha Jay promises something new with forthcoming EP High Dive. Rasha Jay blends blues based alt-rock with raw soul vocals to produce sounds that are truly unique. Her recent release Red Coat emerges from Portishead-like atmospherics and takes on an insistent drum beat and grinding guitar riff. Taking influences from the likes of Prince and Foo Fighters, Rasha Jay is the new blood that rock is crying out for.


Encapsulating the purity and fragile beauty of artists like Laura Nyro and Kate Bush, Rie is set to release her international debut album Places in March 2019. Continuing to forge the music and traditions of her Japanese homeland with Western folk-pop sensibilities, Places explores her relocation to the tranquil backwaters of Surrey, a far cry from the neon cicrus of Tokyo. This discovery of the English countryside provides natural inspiration found throughout the tracks on her album, perfectly exemplified by the lead tracks Ripples and On Track. Observational and spiritual, Rie’s music is the perfect combination of music, art and nature.


Delicate vocals and soothing acoustics are brought to us in the form of Irish singer-songwriter Rosey Carney. Her recent single Your Love is Holy transports you to chilled transcendence, with a blend of guitar and piano melodies and crisp vocals most similar to those of Birdy and Gabrielle Aplin. Excitingly 25 January 2019 brings us the release of her debut personal album Bare via Akira Records, following the autumn releases of Zoey, Orchid and Thousand. 


Chilean artist Juga is pioneering links between the worlds of art and chess, combining her life as a recording artist with her role as both a celebrated artistic ambassador for chess worldwide and a women’s chess activist. Juga’s latest single Isolated Pawn possesses smooth orchestration and a James Bond-esque sound, that combined with her spine-chilling vocals creates a theatrical depth to her music. With her activism and the complex topical undertones to her lyrics, Juga embodies self-empowerment in the form of music.


Born in Italy but now residing in Edinburgh, Elyssa Vulpes brings something unique to the music scene of 2019. In the recent release of her album Holding On, Letting Go Elyssa blends meditative, yet motivational sounds, with not only classic singer-songwriter style but elements of neo-folk, indie-pop and Americana. Her experience as a hypnotherapist lies in undertones as she creates the theme of overcoming pain and turning it into something positive, shown in tracks such as Front line. 


Multi-disciplinary Amsterdam artist Someone brings us stunning sounds of infectious psych-pop, with influences from the likes of Tame Impala and 90s French electronica pioneers Air. She has kicked off the year by releasing her new single Pull it Together, being the first single taken from her upcoming EP Orbit – the follow up to last year’s Chain Reaction. Someone has broadened the spectrum of the relationship between music and art whereby she has created an interactive Augmented Reality exhibition that combines her psychedelic music with cutting edge technology and hypnotic art.