His music has been heard by billions, his videos by millions – yet you don’t know his name. WHO is Otis McDonald?

Looking for that Youtube background track or maybe those catchy beats you’ve picked up from somewhere but you just can’t pinpoint where? – maybe Otis McDonald is your man. If he is then good news… he’s just about to release an album that is one of a kind.

With over 7.6 billion views on Youtube, 3 million streams on Spotify and 3 million streams on Soundcloud, Otis McDonald (the performing name of Joe Bagale) is everyone’s favourite musician – yet his name is not that known. Producer, engineer, drummer, singer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist extraordinaire, Bagale has revolutionised the way music is accessed by the wider world – throwing the rule book far out the window. With tracks like ‘Otis McMusic’ and ‘Not for Nothing’, his music is accessible on Youtube’s royalty-free audio library, millions have used his original music in their Youtube videos and for sampling, copyright free.

With a sound that is refreshingly innovative whilst still rooted in nostalgia, Bagale’s supplies heavy doses of Shuggie Otis psychedelic soul and a healthy slug of Michael McDonald (hence the performer name Otis McDonald). With a delicious blend of 70’s funk, 80’s pop and 90’s beats, Otis McDonald is the sound of an artist who manifests a lesson in versatility and perspective.

Bagale’s creative innovation doesn’t stop there. Due to release his forthcoming album ‘People Music’, he has stated that in the spirit of a create your own adventure book: “for this album I’ve decided to release 15 snippets of 15 brand new tracks over the course of 15 weeks. I’ll then pick the 10 tracks that have the most views and likes and comments and weave them together as a 10-track album. The fans pick the album and they’re a part of the process”. 

To join in on the revolution, visit his Youtube channel and get listening to choose YOUR favourites! 


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/OtisMacMusic

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/otismacmusic

Website: http://www.otismacmusic.com/