INTERVIEW: We unveil the mystery that is Lartist Yan

A Congolese songbird who has followed in the footsteps of other artists that shroud themselves in mystery, Lartist Yan is an extraordinary singer whom almost nothing is known. Resonating the piercing vocals of artists like Prince and The Weeknd, Lartist Yan fuses reggae rhythms and electro synths to create his signature alluring sound.

Preceding the release of his forthcoming album ‘Second Chance’, Lartist Yan has released ‘Dream’ – a track that highlights Lartist’s angelic vocals and unique musical traits. Now residing in Moscow,Russia, we interviewed Lartist to find out what really inspires his music, his multilingual talents and most importantly… who exactly is Lartist Yan?

Q. Firstly, can you tell us what you would class your sound as?

The sound of my music has verity to itself and I like to keep it that way. The purpose of that is that I do not want to leave anyone out of my music. When you get to the restaurant and you get the foreign menu, yes, it sounds exciting, but when you are at your house and your mother serves you with your favourite dish… nothing will compare to it. In each part of the world I want to feel like my music is at home and I am part of that culture.

Q. Has your music been influenced by your upbringing in the Congo at all? 

It is hard to say “No”, because I was born in Congo and I started singing in Congo (Church…). From there I took it to Russia and etc.

Q. What is the current music scene were you live, do you feel your music fits in well? 

This is the beginning of my career. Even though in the past I have been attending some events in Russia, I am just starting my international career with my music.

Q. Tell us about your forthcoming multilingual album ‘Second Chance’, what was the inspiration behind the album? 

I want to tell people that it’s not too late to start again, it’s not too late to influence the world positively, it’s not too late to begin another love story, it’s not too late to breakthrough, it’s not too late to begin your own business, it’s not too late to mark the history. Even though you fall down, even though you have made to many mistakes, even if people around are trying to convince you to give up, it’s never too late to achieve your goal.















Q. Why did you choose to sing ‘Dream’ in English?

Because this song came to me in English. Although my album is multilingual, English remains my favourite language.

Q. Who are your biggest music inspirations? 

It’s a tough one for me, because I’ve listened to different music since I was little. There are so many great singers who have influenced me, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Adele etc. The list is too big!

Q. Take us through the creative process of your music. 

So far I am the only one who writes the lyrics and produces the music. You know sometimes I may be laying in bed and music comes to me, I don’t have to go out looking for it. My music is all about my inner person, through my music I am trying to describe how I feel and what I am going through.

Q. What is the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome in the music industry so far? 

I want to see what the future has for me. I can agree with the fact that To be new to this industry is not easy. Almost nobody wants to take the risk to invest in new talent. That is why it seems to be difficult to work with some media and music platforms, but I will break through!

Q. What do you enjoy about being a musician the most? What do you hate the most? 

As a musician, I can share with people what I’m feeling or what my opinion is about something. I can positively influence someone and make them smile and I can also shape my dream that is to become the voice of the weak people – that is what I enjoy the most! What I hate is that it’s not just about people singing about angels, even if you can sing like an angel, it’s hard to convince people.

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