Having Escaped From Her Liberian Warlord Father, Annprincess Begins Her Journey To Pop Stardom With ‘Survive’

“Having already lived a life filled with incredible emotional and physical extremes, there are few who can question Annprincess’s amazing survival instincts.” – MailOnline

Fleeing war-torn Liberia at the age of seven as a refugee, Annprincess and her mother found sanctuary in Norway, the place she now calls home and from where she has recorded her latest single, appropriately named, “Survive”. The single uses pop and dance elements, as well as Annprincess’ stunning, crystalline vocals, to depict a toxic relationship in which two lovers find commitment difficult but leaving each other even harder. Having already lived a life filled with incredible emotional and physical extremes, there are few who would question Annprincess’ survival instincts.

Annprincess and Prince Yormie Johnson

Annprincess arrived as a refugee in Norway aged seven, fleeing her home country of Liberia, a place where internal conflict and attempted coups were an everyday occurrence. An already fraught situation was accentuated by the fact her father, Prince Yormie Johnson, was one of the prominent figures in the first Liberian Civil War (1989-1997), becoming notorious for killing anyone who opposed his views or actions – indeed Annprincess’ mother was repeatedly jailed for her opposition to him. His role in the torture and murder of President Samuel Doe in 1990 is well documented on video, a part for which there is regular talk of him being indicted for war crimes.

One of ten children to Prince Yormie’s multiple wives, Annprincess inevitably grew up with a dysfunctional view of relationships, even those closest to her, leading to her song-writing in which many of her lyrics deal with failed interactions between people. Forever feeling she has been the underdog in life, Annprincess’ resilience sees her balancing two jobs alongside her music career, not to mention being a successful football player and coach. Along with her mother, Annprincess has overcome every obstacle life has thrown at her, adapting to an alien culture and language whilst using the negative experiences of her story to become an inspirational example to others to never give up and to never give up in the pursuit of your dreams.

Annprincess and her mother

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