From Greenpeace’s ‘Most Polluted City On The Planet’ Comes The Cry Of Nivid

Emerging from the industrial jungle of Gurugram (named by Greenpeace and IQAir AirVisual in 2019 as the most polluted city on the planet), Indian artist Nivid (Aditya Virmani) readies himself to release his industrial track “The World Around Me (Infinite Support) |” this week.

In a time of climate emergency, nowhere is quite like Gurugram (Gurgaon). With recent studies showing that the air pollution levels in Gurugram are increasing at a far higher rate than the national average, decreasing the average life expectancy of the city by at least nine years, the fact the health of the city’s citizens has been put on the back-burner is alarming.

A rock track that cries out against the harsh climate conditions citizens of Gurugram have to live in everyday, Nivid’s forthcoming track is a mash of crushed, distorted guitar, electro dance beats and an effective constrained use of the amplifier that oozes electricity, anger and boundless rock energy.

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Inspired by the gnarled, intoxicating music of Nine Inch Nails, Virmani is also behind the boutique media and audio design studio, Barren Sound. His skill in creating multi-textured cities of sound is, in part, as a result of a motorcycle accident with left him with a broken collarbone. Finding guitar-playing all but impossible, he used the time to hone his skills with synthesisers and technology, mixing elements from not just the rock world but dance and electronic.

Out on June 7th, Nivid’s forthcoming track introduces a character riding the tides of nationalism, realising the extreme views which are causing the ruin of their society. With a strong message describing the corrupting influence of politics and religion on all our lives, Nivid is the sound of a world at war with itself.

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