Bollywood Actor To Hollywood Director, Arsh Singh Releases Emotional Video

Transitioning from Bollywood actor to ‘Hollywood’ director, Arsh Singh has found himself behind the other end of the camera lens to film and produce his own films and music – most recently his emotionally-charged video that accompanies ‘Only One’.

A perfect introduction to Arsh’s world, the track is one in which story-telling and human emotion rule. Drawing from his struggle for self-acceptance and self-love, Arsh explains himself the concept of his video:

“The whole idea of the video is that regardless of the challenges and difficulties we experience growing up, we must find strength in ourselves. As a kid I would constantly get teased at school because I wore a turban. A lot of the kids in school had never seen anyone with a turban, so it was odd to them, so I would get bullied in school by other kids. […] For the video, I wanted to show the harsh realities of domestic violence which happens behind closed doors and the effect that it has on kids when they are older. We subconsciously attract and run the same patterns from childhood, with similar scenarios and situations tending repeat themselves, as shown with both characters in the video, from kids to teenagers. In the video there is a transitional moment where the characters are able to recognize self-love and through that self-love the adults then find each other”

With a video which would put many a blockbuster to shame, Arsh Singh tells a heart-wrenching story where we follow the characters from beginning to end with a positive message of self-belief, strength and courage.

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