Special Forces Soldier Turned International Opera Singer Prepares For Life-Changing Performance at London’s Troubadour

You know sometimes you hear a story and you think, “yeah ok then, what REALLY happened?”… well brace yourselves for the story of Jonathan Cilia Faro, because it’s exactly that.

A love that was sparked by a nun at his orphanage, Jonathan’s passion for opera has undoubtedly been there from the beginning. Leaving school to find his own way, Jonathan soon found out the only way he could sustain himself financially was to enroll in the Italian army, but his hopes of becoming a member of the Air Force soon fell short when he was given a place in the army kitchen; washing pots and quite frankly far from any cockpit or pair of Aviator goggles.

Now surrounded by the rats and bugs of the kitchen and faced with a new sink and saucepan reality, Jonathan found solace in singing while he worked and as fate would have it, it was his army general that would stumble across the sound of song coming from the kitchen. Immediately promoted to represent the army at national ceremonies, Jonathan quickly rose to play a more active role in the army – a sniper.

Serving in the war in Kosovo, Jonathan has recalled how it made him “re-evaluate how important compassion and mercy for others really is” and recounted the “emotional stress of seeing communal graves… acts that he didn’t believe could be committed by the modern man until then”, an experience that, for most of us, is impossible to even imagine.

Returning from the war, Jonathan was then faced with another battle to fight – cancer. Now squared up by a life-threatening bout of illness, treatment resulted in Jonathan losing his voice and therefore losing hope that he would ever sing again. But, the story doesn’t end here.

Now set to perform his latest album ‘From Now On’ at London’s infamous The Troubadour venue in September (a venue that has played a major part in the careers of Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Laura Marling… so you know, no biggy) Jonathan is finally making his mark as the international opera singer that he deserves to be.

An immersive album that envelops all emotion and beauty of song in a collective of 12 tracks, ‘From Now On’ is an album for classical aficionados and all music lovers alike. Embracing the intimacy that the legendary Troubadour venue allows, Jonathan’s performance will undoubtedly be one of magic, romance and escapism.

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