Lana Del Rey Teases New Poetry Collection, ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’

As reported by NME, Lana Del Rey has just released a teaser from her new poetry collection, ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’, the audiobook of which was due to be released on this day (28thJuly). 

Alongside Del Rey’s dulcet tones, the poem, ‘LA Who Am I to Love You?’, features music by Jack Antonoff, co-producer of her latest album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’which received critical acclaim upon its release last year.  

Origional Article:

Given the emotional acuity of her lyricism, it’s no surprise Del Rey has decided to branch out into the spoken word arena, revealing in an Instagram post that the collection is a culmination of poems written over the last few years. Here, she also pointed out that the entire book advance will be donated to various Indigenous-led charities, such as the Navajo Water Project. 

Del Rey’s first spoken word offering, ‘Patent Leather Do-Over’ was released in May, and is set to appear in her forthcoming book ‘Behind the Iron Gates – Insights from an Institution.’

She is not the first artist to arrive at the intersection of music and poetry, following on from the likes of John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Florence Welch. However, if the audiobook lives up to the preview, it is promised to be a superbly distinctive addition. 

‘LA Who Am I to Love You?’ is now freely available to stream on Spotify and a physical hard-copy of the book will be available on 29th September, following on from her upcoming studio album ‘Chemtrails over the Country Club’, which is set to arrive on the 5th