Bunny Wailer Hospitalized, as the Search for his Wife Continues

As reported by the Jamaica Gleaner, former Wailers member, Bunny Wailer, has recently been hospitalized after suffering from what family members have described as complications related to a stroke he had back in October 2018. 

The reggae icon has been rehabilitating in Jamaica since his treatment in Cuba but has sadly relapsed along the road to recovery.  

Bunny Wailer and manager, Maxine Stowe. Original article: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20200727/bunny-wailer-hospitalised

Adding further insult to injury, the singer has been devastated over the late disappearance of his life partner, Jean Watt.

The search for Watt, following her myseterious vanishing on 23rd May, remains ongoing. No sightings have been reported thus far.  

Wailer was the second person to win a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association in February, which he was thankfully well enough to receive onstage. 

His manager, Maxine Stowe told the Gleaner: “He will be released once he’s stabilised…we hope that his unique spiritual, creative and personal contribution to humanity stands predominant in these choppy waters.”