Waterflower returns with gloriously extravagant ‘Balta Gaisma’

One of pop’s most interesting newcomers Sabine Moore, or Waterflower, has finally released her anticipated third studio album, a piece which will surely captivate and mesmerise listeners.

From the very off, the title track immediately hooks you in, immersing listeners in strange, new environments through audio alone. The sound of this album is incredible, as each track is vastly different from the last but rich in depth and complexity. The Latvia-based singer found popularity due to her ability to create musical tones using plants and flowers, and it is clear that this drive to create atmospheric sounds continues on Balta Gaisma.

Waterflower’s unique experimental brand of pop shines through on the album, with many tracks so distinct and boundary-pushing that the very template of modern pop songs are called into question. Although the album sounds so vast and expansive, there are moments of deep intimacy in which listeners find themselves as witnesses to the artist bearing her soul.

A standout track lies in Find It!, a song that seeks to encourage those in the LGBTQ+ community to speak out and express themselves without fear of judgement or hate. Taking inspiration from 80s icons like Madonna, the song takes ideas of femininity and subverts it, encouraging listeners to dare to be different rather than fitting in with what has come before (a theme that runs throughout the album.) 

Listen to Find It! on Soundcloud:

Find It! also comes with a music video, filmed in a Soviet observatory in Latvia by director Laima Graždanoviča, and is inspired by “surreal poetry, avant-pop and artist Sabine Moore’s creative work”.

The combination of these rich audio landscapes with visual expressions of art create a certain atmosphere around Waterflower, one that is difficult to find anywhere else in the music industry. As a live performer, the album atmosphere remains, with the singer literally playing living plants on stage as instruments or through synthesisers generating sounds created by nature. Sabine Moore’s talent as both a producer and an artist cannot be questioned.

The journey of Balta Gaisma, from the synth-pop sounds of Chemtrail and Find It! to the quieter, restrained music of Tomorrow and Dawning, is one that will shock, intrigue and fascinate listeners. The range of this album is enormous, as is the sheer talent on show. Piercing synthesisers, ringing drums, and emotive vocals live alongside delicate string melodies and hushed instrumentals on this album, and yet they all work perfectly, each component of a song working with another to create a perfect eco-system. 

Although now based in Latvia, Wallflower has toured across Europe with spots at Positivus Festival and Leigh Folk Festival. With a whole host of favourable reviews on her side, Balta Gaisma is sure to propel Waterflower further on to the international stage.

You can listen to Balta Gaisma here, and you can find Waterflower on: