Vanderocker returns with electric new EP ‘The Good Punk’

One of the freshest up-and-comers in alternative indie, Vanderocker, is preparing to release her latest EP, The Good Punk, on the 13th November.

Including four new tracks, including lead track Supercell, as well as a bonus instrumental and a short film on the way, Vanderocker has reaffirmed her status as an exciting and intriguing newcomer to the scene.

With the EP touching on subjects such as duality, voyeurism and sex – through the medium of psychedelic, indie electro-pop – it promises to be a body of art rather than a collection of songs.

As well as writing all the music and performing several of the instruments across the EP, Vanderocker (full name Adrienne Vanderocker) also collaborates with Joe Cocker, Peter Holmström, and producer Brandon Eggleston on The Good Punk.

Adrienne herself has described the music of Vanderocker as “a basic study of humans on different levels, almost from an Alien National Geographic kind of perspective.” This can clearly be heard on the incoming EP, with each song seemingly giving a new and different interpretation on human life.

The development of Vanderocker from classic rock mixed with electronica to avant-garde, indie pop can be seen on The Good Punk. Adrienne has also appeared on the soundtrack to new video game Beyond Blue, whilst she’s worked with Phil Ek of Modest Mouse on the single Dear Future Self. 

Continuing this exploration, Vanderocker will begin filming Cult For You, an erotic 1920s-esque film, in November. 

Vanderocker looks to be picking up momentum, and The Good Punk shows no signs of the project slowing down any time soon.

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