Alt-Rock artist InHibit releases jaw-dropping video to new single ‘The Quest’

Commenting on society’s prejudice and the common feeling that many have of not-fitting-in, 21-year-old Anglo-Belgian singer, InHibit (Noah Roovers) has released his latest single ‘The Quest’.

With a sound familiar to the likes of Kyo and Nirvana, InHibit combines ear-twisting melodies, a healthy slug of guitar, and a truly visceral (albeit slightly haunting) video to create a very uncompromising track to which many people may relate. With his video racking up near 400,000 views in less than a month, InHibit is undoubtedly one to watch over the coming months.

Describing himself as primarily a poet, InHibit is something of an enigma. He has studied piano since the mere age of five and was formally a racing car driver as well as a qualified lawyer; InHibit certainly has a few notches on his belt!

His interest in so many different fields inspires him to be very creative and involved in all of his music-making – he was even behind the make-up (he’s keen to point out the scars are not real!) and the entire story-board of the video.

Musically, ‘The Quest’ reintroduces us to vocals and guitars from the late-90s alt-rock scene and incorporates blasts of electric sound.

Stay tuned as InHibit is releasing more music soon which, like ‘The Quest’, aims to challenge the listeners views. His first book is to be released shortly, as well as a collection of his poetry.

Watch the video for ‘The Quest’ here

Written by Francesca Bass






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