Paul Tully addresses ‘Anxiety’ with upbeat new single

Singer-songwriter Paul Tully has released his latest track ‘Anxiety’, a song that brings a condition that affects millions into the spotlight.

After 2013’s successful debut EP ‘Lyric for the Lost’, Tully once again shows how far his songwriting has developed, even being described as a “craftsman” by BBC Radio Ulster’s Ralph McLean.

Though addressing a topic that is seen as overwhelmingly negative, ‘Anxiety’ flips this, with Tully finding acceptance rather than denial or frustration.

The topics of Brexit, the Coronavirus Lockdown, and increasing costs of living are listed as reasons for the writing of the song and a growing sense of anxiety globally.

Tully has said that he hopes the song can “bring a sense of comfort to those suffering from anxiety and let them know they aren’t alone”.

The song keeps this hopeful tone throughout and is a brilliant demonstration of Tully’s songwriting abilities.

Although lesser known here in the UK, Tully’s reputation in his homeland of Ireland is as an exciting performer and proven songwriter, and ‘Anxiety’ is a song likely to leave listeners searching for more.

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