Stefan Elefteriu’s New Album ‘Quantum Gates’ Out Now!

Electronic and theatrical musician Stefan Elefteriu has worked in the music industry for over 40 years. Stefan is not only an incredibly talented composer but also very technically capable. He’s only a classical composer, keyboard player, violinist and cinematic story-teller, and has built his own own studio and synthesisers.

Stefan in the 1980s in his almost-completely self-built studio

His new album ‘Quantum Gates’ is an Odyssey through time, space and musical genres:

“Twelve portals open to twelve different worlds awaiting discovery through imagination, fantasy and feelings… Go beyond the Quantum Gates and, with each re-listening, you will perceive new territories of musical expression. Let the evolution and permanent dialogue of the melodic lines – based on symphonic counterpoint – take you through a new multidimensional sound universe.” — STEFAN ELEFTERIU

The lead tracks of the album are ‘Between Two Worlds’, ‘Play of Shadows’, and ‘Lonely Alien’. They individually show Stefan’s immersive journey through layers of classical, rock and electronic music. As Western Music was banned in Communist Russia, rock in particular was considered to promote non-conformity.

Stefan Elefteriu resorted to buying vinyl and tape on the black market; sourcing music in this way was difficult to obtain and dangerous to be affiliated to. Nonetheless, his passion for rock and electronic music, as well as his classical training, led to a career as a violinist at the Romanian National Opera House which subsequently fuelled his desire to create his own electro-rock vision.

In ‘Quantum Gates’ we see how Stefan used his combined musical talents and created something that is perfectly balanced through obsessive refinement and years of experience. Listen now and enjoy the journey.

Written by Francesca Bass







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