Winchester 7 & The Runners release a classic 80’s rock tune ‘When The World Stops Spinning’ with a ukulele twist

This one-man band creation is jam packed with classic 80’s rock sounds and psychedelic inspiration. Perfect for a bar brawl scene in a movie, this track has classic washed out cymbals and reverberated vocals, culminating in a colourful instrumental bridge that really takes the song to another level. 

There is a brilliant character to this song, from the souped up ukulele to the cloned band members, inspired by Logan’s Run. The lyrics are pared back to leave room for the lively instrumental, the song builds up really well and is a definite foot tapper. 

The lyric video has a persona of its own, with fun disguises for each ‘band member’ and hypnotic visuals, making you feel like you’re trapped in a strange loop that you can’t get out of, representing the lyrics of running away again and again but getting nowhere. There are also first-person perspective camera angles which situate you within the video itself – you’re running away just as much as he is. It’s just a colorful fun song that gets you jigging and worth a listen without a doubt.

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