StarMoney releases authentic trap banger ‘Catfish’

‘Catfish’ is a response to all of the fakers in the world, specifically online; people who hide behind their screens and display a lavish lifestyle that they don’t lead. It’s a commentary on being yourself and being true, something that StarMoney holds in high regard. Collaborating with fellow up and comer ‘Snap Capone’, this tune has deep bass and class beats, only improved by witty lines and excellent flow from both rappers. Snap is an effective addition to this song, with his bars bringing an original twist.

StarMoney, who wants to make a positive difference by entertaining, believes in educating future generations on the risk of drugs, knife and gun crime in an effort to stop them carrying out these offences later in life. He’s even organising kids ‘fun days’ when lockdown ends to aid in this endeavour. 

“Catfish is about fake portrayal. For example, someone might pretend to be a real gangster or a rich person in the flesh or on the internet but in reality that is not what they are really about. Instead, they fool the public by using their Instagram pretending to be someone of money and power on the streets or even off the streets and they use this act to gain status, publicity and fame”.

An exciting return to the game from StarMoney and proof that we will be seeing a lot of both artists on their rise to the top.

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