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Winchester 7 & The Runners release a classic 80’s rock tune ‘When The World Stops Spinning’ with a ukulele twist

This one-man band creation is jam packed with classic 80’s rock sounds and psychedelic inspiration. Perfect for a bar brawl scene in a movie, this track has classic washed out

Groove-Heavy Indie Band ‘Four Crooks’ Take Lockdown to a Whole New Level, Recording New EP ‘Black Magic’ on a Remote Farm

Four Crooks, an indie four piece from the West Midlands, have taken lockdown to a whole new level by recording their new EP ‘Black Magic’ on a remote farm. In

Paul Tully addresses ‘Anxiety’ with upbeat new single

Singer-songwriter Paul Tully has released his latest track ‘Anxiety’, a song that brings a condition that affects millions into the spotlight. After 2013’s successful debut EP ‘Lyric for the Lost’,

Green Day Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong Channels His Inner Loser For New Side Project ‘The Longshot’

Punk-Rock n’ Roll legend Billie Joe Armstrong has been teasing fans with small song snippets and promo images for his new band ‘The Longshot’ on Instagram, as well as brand